Crystal & Unicorn Healing Therapies by Nat Heath – Reiki Master & Advanced Crystal Therapist

I’m Nat and I’d love to welcome you to Rainbow Unicorn – my world of crystals. I have been a beauty & holistic therapist since 2006 and a coach since 2016. I have worked with crystals and Unicorns for many years and am delighted to bring them together into my therapies and services. It is my soul purpose to help others in their spiritual healing and development process. I am passionate about helping women reach their fullest potential by eliminating their obstacles, blockages and limiting beliefs, so that they can live the bright, beautiful, joyful lives they came here to live. 

Crystal and Unicorn energies are extremely healing and uplifting. They have the power to upgrade our vibrational frequency and aid in physical, emotional and spiritual healing. Unicorns especially have come to Earth to help in the ascension of humanity. The first step to ascension and spiritual progression is healing. I believe that we all have the power to heal ourselves, that comes from within, and these energies from the Earth and Cosmos can help us unlock our own innate healing and spiritual potential.

Treatments Available:

♥ Crystal Therapy 

♥ Warm Crystal Pebble Massage 

♥ Crystal Aura Flushes 

♥ Unicorn Ascension Healing™

♥ Rainbow Unicorn Crystal Healing 

♥ Crystal Skull Healing 

♥ Chakra Balancing 

♥ Rainbow Chakra Unicorn Facials 

♥ Crystal Healing Facials 

♥ Clinical Facials 

♥ Spiritual Life Coaching

Prices vary from £22-£88. Please see my website for a comprehensive list of therapies, descriptions and prices, where you can also book online.

Alternatively, feel free to drop me an email with any questions to and I will get back to you.

I look forward to welcoming you to the healing room soon!

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