Welcome to Wild Camel Counselling  with Shannon Coggins 
I trained as a Shiatsu practitioner 25 years ago and started my journey with my own counselling as part of the course. Personally I try and have counselling at least twice a week.

I think that the amount of attention we pay our mental health is easily as important as the amount of attention we pay our physical health. Of course there are as many ways to support our minds as there are our bodies – meditation, walks by the sea, tai chi, watching the starlings …and, sometimes having someone listen to us while we figure something out makes all the difference.

We can go for counselling to break habits, for life altering experiences or simply because we are feeling a little lost. A sudden change like a bereavement, a relationship break up or losing a job can lead to feelings coming up where some confidential support might be what we need. Sometimes looking at what our goals are and what life changes we are wanting to make, how would we like our lives to actually be, might be at the heart of the work. All of this is possible to look at together.

My work as a bereavement volunteer with Cruse over the past ten years has been incredibly rewarding and deeply moving – listening to the heartbreak and the incredible bravery of people who have lost someone they love has shown me that this is definitely the work for me. I have seen that people can come through even the toughest experiences …and it is a privilege to be part of that journey.

Having someone walk beside me when times have been hard has made all the difference in my life and so I know from the inside how valuable this work can be. I have made positive lasting changes to my life and I would be honoured to support you to do the same.

…and why wild camel counselling? – well part of it is that camels are really good at surviving in harsh conditions and they are not backward in showing you what they feel about things – and, I love camels.

I charge between £25 and £50 an hour depending on your income.

Please ring me on 07788446109 to make a first  appointment,

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